Thinning Hair? Grow It Back
How Rare Chinese Herb (Discovered by A Monk) Offers A Unique Solution For Baldness

Zhi Shou Wu is probably one of the least known herbs in the world yet one of the most potent.

The Zhi Shou Wu or Ho Shou Wu name came from an old Chinese story...

Mr. Ho, form Hebei Province, at age 58, had not been able to father a child. A monk advised him to eat this herb gathered from a secret mountain, which Ho then did, and afterwards consumed regularly.

Soon after, he was able to father several children, but the surprising thing is his hair turned from gray to black, and his body became more youthful. He lived to be 130 (some say to 160)...

Still With Black Hair.

Since then, the herb Mr. Ho ate has been called Zhi Shou Wu. Because Mr. Ho's hair is black (shou=head; wu=black). 

Mr. Ho's son is also reputed to have also lived to be 130 years old...

A Monk's Monument

So people will not forget, a statue was built in the honor of the Monk who discovered Zhi Shou Wu, the #1 longevity herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Target The Root Cause of Baldness

This herb is a very powerful anti aging herb that will also boost your libido...

It contains a potent mixture of Zhi Shou Wu with Polygonum Multiflorum, ginger and ginseng.

We call it "Sacred Hair Growth" as it was built to stop hair from thinning, falling and premature greying... but it has very powerfully renewing, stimulating and invigorating properties.

The best part is that all these herbs can be safely combined and work together harmoniously to increase each other's effects! In fact, we strongly recommend it for maximum results.

Now, once your start this new lifestyle and add these supplements to your diet you will experience
major changes.

OTVENA Hair Essential Oil

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